Skin care is a big deal to many fairies! Who doesn’t want to have fair and delicate skin?
In order to this piece of palm-sized skin, sisters can be said to be dedicated, a variety of skin care means are eager to use in their own face, but many people with ten percent of the effort can not exchange three points of the results, and even more “toss” the worse the skin.
Although the skin is good or bad to a certain extent is determined by genes, although we can do very little, but the science of good skin care thing, for skin improvement or a great help.
The following are some of the skincare knowledge I have compiled, you can make your skin better and better, vegetarian also look good oh.
1. exercise and sleep early quit sugar sunscreen drink more water you will be more beautiful than most people.
2. sugar is the root of all evil, glycation and photoaging are the two biggest culprits of skin aging.
3. Don’t wash your face too often each day, just once in the morning and once in the evening. Too much washing can easily damage your skin’s barrier and make your skin sensitive.
4. insist on sun protection [soft protection (applying sunscreen) and hard protection (wearing an umbrella) on sunny and cloudy days, in winter and summer, indoors and outdoors. Believe that anti-ageing starts with sun protection.
5. Your face is simply not that dirty and does not need to be vigorously cleansed.
6. moisturise your face immediately after washing.
7. vc can be applied during the day, but please do protect yourself from the sun and apply it at night without turning off the lights.
8. Get enough sleep every day, it works better than any skincare or health products.
9. Human skin is divided into oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and sensitive skin. It is important to recognize your skin type before skincare, and according to your skin type, choose the right skincare products for you.

10. The order of skincare in the morning: cleanser, toner, eye cream, lotion, sunscreen.
11. The order of skincare at night: remove makeup, cleanser, toner, eye cream, essence, lotion, cream.
12. Early to bed and early to rise without staying up late, having a regular routine and good eating habits is the best way to take care of your skin.
13. Eating less fried food and sweets and more fruits and vegetables is good for skin care.
14. It is best to choose an amino acid cleanser, which is milder and less irritating.
15. When washing your face, use your fingers to massage gently in circular motions and do not let the bubbles stay on your face for too long.
16. Always wipe on water and milk immediately after washing your face to prevent moisture loss, which can cause your face to be tight and unnatural.
17. Learn to take care of your neck, the wrinkles in your neck are the most likely to reveal your age.

18. Many people have the habit of squeezing pimples with their hands, which is not right. Never squeeze with your hands, as it can easily damage your skin and leave marks.
19. Remember to apply skincare products from bottom to top and massage in a circular motion.
20. The skin has a limited ability to absorb, so don’t rub everything on your face.
21. Skincare products do not cure acne; see a dermatologist for treatment.
22. Working out with make-up is not recommended.