The mask is the habit of every skincare person, as our skincare, essential maintenance products are also very much about the time to apply! The right time to use the mask so that it will give full play to its role. The two times are the “golden period” of the mask; skin cares effect half the effort. Today we will come together to learn it well.
1. 9pm~11pm before bedtime
 The best time to apply a mask is 21 to 23 points before bedtime when the skin’s metabolism is in a relatively strong stage, but the time of skin self-healing and absorption will be perfect.
This is an excellent time to apply a mask to repair skin damage and protect the skin. The skin’s immunity is lowered when we sleep, so using a mask forms a protective effect. Whether for men or women, this is the right time to apply a mask.
2. Apply the mask after taking a shower
This time is also doubly effective because, after the bath, skin pores can be opened a large part. This time, we apply the mask, then can let the skin quickly and effectively mask the nutrients to absorb.
Opening the pores is also the best way to cleanse and leave our skin in the best condition; the effect of the mask can also be increased. Thus it can be said that the mask, at this point, can let you achieve twice the impact with half the effort! It will not affect your sleep either.


However, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying a mask.
1. Don’t put on a mask before makeup
Many say applying a mask can make the skin stratum corneum water content instantly increase and look delicate and translucent. The follow-up on the makeup will also be particularly good-looking.
The actual fact is that you can find many people who have been in the marketplace for a long time and have been in the market for a long time.
2. Apply the mask in moderation
Many people mistakenly believe that the daily mask, and the maintenance of the skin better, do so will only damage the skin. Whatever you do must have a degree because our skin’s absorption capacity is also relatively limited.
If the daily mask has too many nutrients will also give the skin a burden. Not only can it not absorb nutrients better, but it will also damage the skin at most three times a week on the good, scientific arrangements.


3. remember to lock the water after applying the mask
No matter what the mask, it is only temporary hydration. If you sleep after the mask, not 10 minutes, all back to the state before the mask.
If you delay using skin care products, the previous work of applying the mask will be a waste of time. Apply some moisturizing lotion or cream within 5 minutes of cleansing your face after using the mask. The face is at its most hydrated just after the mask, so don’t go too long between applications.