Sometimes we feel that no matter how we use our skincare products, they don’t seem to absorb as much as they should, which is a problem many of us have experienced. When we feel that our skin is no longer absorbing skincare products, we exfoliate and pat skincare products on our face, but if we continue like this, we may turn our skin into sensitive skin. This year, a hot Japanese “skin fasting” trend is significant. Try it!
Skin fasting is a type of skin care method which comes from Japan. It’s not really about fasting your skin. It’s about “dieting” it. The first thing is to consider the skin’s carrying capacity. Skincare products in the right, not in more, too many nutrients will make the skin over-nourished! Many people are skeptical about it, but many people who have tried it themselves have found it effective. Using so many over-nutrient skin care products every day is not a good thing. The skin can not absorb so much, but it will increase the burden on the skin. There will also be a closed mouth, acne, pimples, and facial oil appear. The emergence of skin fasting can save this problem.
The cycle of skin fasting is seven days so that you can complete a whole muscle fast in a week. The first day is simple, which means starting to cut back on skincare products. The first step is to remove the heavy lotions and creams and use only toner, eye cream, and serum. This reduction in heavy skincare products allows our skin to get a good rest and is done gradually without fear of skin discomfort.
From the second day onwards, remove the anti-aging and whitening serums and use only toner and eye cream to keep our skin from dehydrating. From the third day onwards, use only toner after cleansing, and don’t choose a toner that is too heavy, just one with the most basic hydrating properties. You should only wash your face on the fourth day, not skincare. Dry sister can take distilled water and wet compress. From the fifth day onwards, resume regular skincare. This time you will find yourself in perfect skin condition, simply good to explode!
You can feel your skin getting better with a seven-day cycle! But the process of skin fasting is not over yet. Day six and seven should also be adhered to, then stop using different skincare products, only shoot toner after cleansing during the day, and apply a mask at night to replenish moisture.
As skin fasting empties our skin and puts it in a state of self-regulation and self-balance, it is essential to minimize the impact of external factors, whether beneficial and protective or detrimental. First, ensure that no make-up is worn during skin fasting, and ideally, reduce the number of times you go out. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and hydrating during skin fasting are also essential.
It is better to start fasting three days before your period, as your skin is prone to breakouts, pimples, and closed mouths due to endocrine disruptions during the first three days of your period. This is the best time to start fasting, and the skin’s absorption capacity is at its peak after the physiological period, so intensive maintenance is most effective! If you’re interested in this kind of skin fasting, give it a try!