For a while now, all kinds of DIY face masks have been super hot, and it feels like every girl has bought into the bullshit that these DIY masks can save her skin. You’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.
1. Yogurt and milk can be used to smooth and rejuvenate the skin
Many people say that milk yogurt expired can be used for the face, not only not waste and can be whitening and rejuvenate skin, and this argument has a lot of conviction. Milk, yogurt, and other dairy products are rich in protein and fat, but these substances have large molecules and cannot penetrate the skin. When the milk fat clings to the skin’s surface and is not fully absorbed, it will appear lubricating. Still, regular use will affect and alter the skin’s acidity and alkalinity, making skin problems more and more common.
2. homemade cucumber slices on the face can moisturize
Many people think that these natural fruits and vegetables on the face will not harm the skin. Indeed, cucumber does have a lot of water and is considered by many people to be good hydration, but directly on the face is not desirable. Freshly cut cucumber slices form a “dewy” consistency on the surface, which can cause skin tightness and make it more dry and wrinkled. The moisture you see after the dressing is just a temporary moistening of the stratum corneum, which will return to its original form after a while.
The residual pesticides and microorganisms on fruits and vegetables are prone to bacterial infections, especially when there are minor wounds, acne, or inflammation on the skin, which can cause more skin problems, especially for girls with incomplete epidermal barrier function, lead to skin allergies and inflammation.
3. pearl powder and honey can whiten and hydrate
The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things. Pearl powder has many functions, it can be used to whiten teeth and so on, but it is still dangerous to use on your face.
4. homemade lemon slices on the face can whiten
I want to ask those girls who take lemon slices directly to their faces, how big is your heart? This is not only wrong but even dangerous! The acidity of lemon is so great that if you apply it directly to your face without diluting it, it will cause a lot of stimulation to your skin. It is better to use lemon as a mask to whiten the skin than to drink lemon water directly to make it more convenient and reliable.