As mentioned in the previous article, red wine has a beautiful effect and is a good drink for women. Because authentic red wine is made from fresh grapes, rich in fruit acids, it can accelerate the metabolism of keratin, lighten the pigment so that the skin becomes moist and meticulous, and also slow down the aging; an appropriate to drink red wine is indeed a good beauty of women.
In addition, drinking red wine can be beautiful but can be used externally to eliminate acne marks. There are already many skin care products on the market, and they are precisely the beauty benefits of red wine. Today, introducing a few at home can also be simple to make red wine skin care methods.
Method 1: Mix red wine and white vinegar and apply lightly to the acne area like a toner. White vinegar is a powerful cleanser and antiseptic, while red wine can lighten acne marks. White vinegar is more effective in killing the bacteria that cause acne, but you need to know whether your skin will have an allergic reaction after application.
Method 2: Mix red wine with the suitable aloe vera gel, add the right amount of honey, and mix well for your face. Honey is mainly used here to moisturize and increase the stickiness, while aloe vera gel absorbs, fixes, and calms the inflammation. The natural aloe vera softens the skin, boosts the skin’s immunity, strengthens the skin’s elasticity and shine, is hydrating and anti-inflammatory, etc. Sensitive skin can be used with confidence, while red wine is to lighten acne marks and brighten the skin intelligently.
Method 3: Add about two spoons of honey to a cup of red wine and use it to compress your face for about 8 minutes, then wash it off with warm water. It is not advisable to leave the mask on for too long, as it will absorb the moisture from the skin after it has dried out. Red wine and honey are not only effective in removing acne marks but also in brightening the skin. Even better, they can also be used internally and externally. Of course, a bottle of red wine can be used for about a week. And you can drink it while applying it to your face is also a two-pronged combination of internal and external to get rid of acne marks.
It has also been found that people who drink wine regularly rarely catch a cold. They tested red and white wine and grape juice in virus cultures, and the results were that common cold viruses such as herpes simplex virus and coxsackie virus were lost in both the wine and the fluid, with the grape skin leached juice being the most effective. Scientists believe this is due to the presence of phenol compounds in grapes, which form a film on the virus’s surface, making it difficult to enter the body’s cells, thus preventing the effects of colds. As phenol is mainly found on grape skins, drinking hot red wine can reduce cold symptoms and prevent colds. Red wine contains more antioxidants such as phenolics, tannins, flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, and trace elements such as selenium, zinc, and manganese, which can eliminate or combat oxygen free radicals and therefore have an anti-aging and anti-disease effect.
Finally, although the benefits of drinking red wine are enormous, there is a limit to the amount consumed. Experts believe that the consumption of red wine, based on 12% alcohol content, should not exceed 250 ml per day; otherwise, it can be harmful to health.