At the beginning of the Spring Festival, the S&F company ushered in a new dispatcher: the big Qianchun son (Yuan Yuan), arrogant and cold attitude, as soon as the appearance put on a big shelf, declared that they will not work overtime, but also do things within the scope of their responsibilities, quickly caused a revulsion. The average dispatcher, not only the salary is calculated by the meager hourly salary, but also by the members everywhere, compared with the treatment of members is very different. But Chunzi laughed at the existence of the dispatcher because of the incompetence of the members, so that the impulsive director Donghai Lin (Daquan Yang) and its noisy. Chunzi was assigned to the marketing department, director Zhong (Koizumi Xiaotai Lang) is a gentle temper, but some cowardly man. In a series of events, the critical moment of the crisis are resolved by Chunzi perfect, let the public surprise, Chunzi in the hearts of the image is gradually reversed…… © Douban