Sherlock, the Lion King, is a criminal investigation consultant who has solved many unsolvable incidents since his school days. Although hailed as a genius, he has a \”criminal impulse.\” Watson, Junichi Wakamiya, works as a psychiatrist in a hospital in Tokyo. He looks kind and calm, but he is actually troubled by vanity and has a sensitive and slender personality. The two met due to a certain event. At first, the lion’s impolite attitude made Wakamiya respect each other, and then slowly got used to each other’s personality, and then lived together… (!) This drama is adapted from Conan Doyle’s famous work \”Sherlock\” . Many events with few narratives in the original work. This month 9 will focus on these events and be adapted. With Tokyo as the stage one year before the Tokyo Olympics, the duo with \”the strongest face and the most crazy inside\” will be brought to you. Please look forward to your chemistry reactions!