TV Asahi\’s serial drama \”Metropolitan Police Agency Investigation Section 1 Section 9\” starring Tsunehiko Watase (72 years old) who died in March last year is a new drama \”Tokuso 9 (Nine)\” (started in April, 9:00 after Wednesday) ) Is reborn. In the new work, it is set that No. 9 is disbanded due to Rintaro\’s transfer. The members of Section 9 were scattered, but they were reassembled in a special investigation group newly established in the Investigation Division 1 under the direction of the police superintendent. Under the leadership of Terao, he again confronts the difficult case. Naoki Asawa, played by Inohara, has been promoted to chief position this time. Also added is the marriage of Rintaro\’s daughter Rinko (Noriko Nakakoshi).