Usa Miki (played by Hiroshi Tamaki) holds a high-level position in an IT company due to his fiancee, Mai Kagawa, but he doesn\’t usually know anything about business. On this day, when Yai proposed to break up, Qi suddenly fell into a loss and faced the dilemma of losing both love and work. In the elevator of the residence, I met photographer Seira Oujiro (Shota Matsuda) and translator Ai Ryu Aizawa (played by Kari Na), who also had relationship problems on the same day. Also riding in an elevator was the psychologist Masato Kikuta (Shosuke Tanihara). Actress), the four people trapped in the elevator due to the blackout began to introduce themselves, and Zheng Ren, who was encountering a troublesome patient, suggested that everyone play a love shuffle game, that is, to exchange lovers with each other to find true love. Therefore, Kai brought her daughter Mea Yi, Ai Liu brought rich boyfriend Oishi Yukichi, Wangjiro brought married woman Rei Kamijo, and Masato brought her own patient, the 19-year-old girl Hayakawa Kairi who has been trying to commit suicide. . At the beginning of the first round of shuffling, some of the four pairs of strange combinations of partners collided and sparked, and some did not respond. But as the game progressed and the process of shuffling the cards, everyone began to express their feelings, facing the problems in their relationship, and at the same time facing their true self.