Fayuexianzhicheng (Koshi Yamamoto) cuts off the sentiment towards Chie (played by Hayami Julie) and begins the journey of swordsmanship. Chie\’s father Kogashiami (Nakamura Yoshio) was entrusted by a secret order to infiltrate Apod Island in order to find the fallen blood alliance book \”Naruto Secret Sticker\”, but he disappeared. A few years later, Xianzhicheng, who was desperate for kendo, returned to Edo as a nihilistic monk. After completing the fateful encounter with the female thief Huitou.net (Nono Sumika), Tsuji Zanjuya Sunheibei (Hakamada Yoshihiko) and others, Xianzhicheng visits Seami\’s house in order to meet Chie again. But at this time, Shuma Torikawa (played by Shinji Takeda), who claims to be the chief disciple, claims that Chie is depressed and does not want to see anyone.