The stage is \”Dome Base,\” which is said to be the world\’s toughest observation zone, with a distance of 1,000 km from Antarctica\’s Showa Base, an altitude of 3800 m, and an average temperature of minus 54 degrees. Living beings are the ends of the earth, where even let alone viruses are allowed to survive. This story is about the seven \”Antarctic Observatory\” of the 38th Corps. 3 out of 7 are researchers. The latter four are construction members (support personnel). But in the end, it\’s just seven men. Only seven Ojisan live together for a year at the narrow dome base. The fun at this dome base is only when everyone eats delicious food. Other than that, there is little fun. There are harshness, harshness, stuffiness, stress, anxiety, and lack of heart. Although in extreme conditions, there is no place to escape, and no one else depends on anyone else. Such a situation is nothing but humorous when viewed from outside the mosquito net. An unthinkable incident will occur in Japan, but at the end, the seven people will be united again by eating the delicious food of the main character, Nishimura. It\’s an unpredictable comedy drama of seven men, really dull, cool, but silly.