The timid and gentle, Shinkai Ichima (Okada Kenshi) was born in a samurai family. He was not good at swordsmanship and could not hold a sword. He taught ordinary people in private schools to make ends meet. He was rescued by monsters when he was a child. He believed in the existence of monsters, so he insisted on doing research on monsters. One day, he was in an abandoned house and saw that the little chicks who helped him to discipline other schoolchildren were talking to a magical pottery. When a horse took the gou jade the chick gave him, the pot suddenly changed and one ran out. A monster called the demon of the sky (Hongo play many). All this is because Xiao Chi wants to see her dead mother and apologizes to her. Under Xiao Hina\’s request, Yima and other monsters such as the evil spirit of the sky act together to help her get her wish.