Golden Gai, Arakicho, Waseda, Shin-Okubo, Shinjuku 2-chome, 3-chome. In Shinjuku East Station, which has jurisdiction over these towns, many cases occur every day, and many cases are “untouched cases” that cannot be moved even if the detective is aware. A wheelchair detective was assigned to the Shinjuku East Office. His name is Onizuka Ichiji (Kitaoji Kinya). He was stabbed by a criminal in the last year of his retirement and lost his functioning in both legs, leading to a wheelchair life. Onizuka has been assigned to the Shinjuku East Station twice during the new year and during the retirement age. This allows him to have a detailed memory of the city of Shinjuku throughout the two eras of \”Showa\” and \”Heisei\”, and when he infers the case, he can draw it in his brain as \”the city of memory.\” Onizuka learns that there are some people who are in trouble due to \”untouched cases.\” Keitaro (Shunsuke Kazama) is assigned. The two will become Onizuka\’s feet in a wheelchair, and the investigation of the case will start without touching!