The drama is a warm love drama about a man who has remembered all the 8,760 hours of 365 days a year because of excess memory syndrome, and a woman who has forgotten the important time of life, and the fate of the two with the same pain The story of falling in love after encountering like this. Kim Dong Wook plays Lee Jung Hoon, who is the anchor of \”News Live\”, the top-rated news in South Korea. Wen Jiazhen plays Lu Hezhen. She is an actor who has been in the industry for 6 years, but she is still controversial about her acting skills. The assistant screenwriter Kim Yun-joo of \”The Man of Queen Inhyun\” and \”Nine Times of Time Travel\” is the first lead writer, and \”Two Cops\” directed by Oh Hyun Jong PD. The next file \”The Game: Towards 0 O\’clock\” will be aired in March 2020.