The play tells the story of investigators of the National Human Rights Commission who are neither prosecutors nor lawyers nor detectives. It will describe investigators who have neither search powers nor prosecution powers running for people who are desperate for human rights violations. Stance. The protagonists investigate petitions that are more important than existing petitions such as human rights violations and discrimination, and are responsible for investigating issues of serious victimization, social disputes, and human rights violations caused by public power, organizations, and agencies. Li Nawon plays Han Yunseo, and she hates cross-line behavior in both interpersonal and social life. She is a person who thoroughly investigates and only wants to clarify the facts. She maintains a calm and neutral investigation method and attitude, so she is misunderstood as \”lack of compassion\”, even so she still maintains her own principles. Cui Guihua plays Jiang Haojun. He is the chief investigator of the Human Rights Promotion Commission and an investigator dispatched by the prosecutor\’s office. He is a highly concentrated activist who controls the spirit with his body. People around him think that he has a sense of justice and impulsiveness, but he is actually a figure whose brain is moving faster than his body. He and his cool partner Han Yunseo complement each other in character.