Female Police Officer vs Female Police Officer You will be surprised at the secrets of these women… \”A gathering of executives of the Prefectural Police Headquarters\” held in a special private room of the highest quality Chinese restaurant \”Tamayoshien\” in W prefecture, Commonly known as \”round table conference\”. A woman with a secret mission was summoned to this conference, which has tremendous power as the ultimate supreme decision-making body. That is Naoko Matsunaga, the inspector. Under the old-fashioned prefectural police with a strong sense of decency, he is struggling every day to become a member of the “round table conference” in order to create a path for female police officers. The job of the inspector Naoko is a position that can be said to be “the police in the police”, and she makes full use of her natural insight and observation power to confront female police officers in each jurisdiction. However, all the police officers are women who are not straightforward. Still, Naoko seeks to become a member of the “Round Table Conference” to become a “woman police officer\’s guide”, but she is pursuing swallowing together, but each seems to have some “secret”. What is Naoko\’s justice? What is the astonishing \”secret\” that female police officers have? It is a story of a woman who is set up in the W Prefectural Police!