The play is adapted from a popular web comic of the same name, and tells the story of Zheng Beidong, who was relocated from the Malaysian group to the left, and became the president of the large store Chollima Supermarket. Jin Bingzhe plays Zheng Beidong, the core cadre of the Malaysian group. He is known as a bulldozer with a computer and has patience and observation ability. He became the new manager of the Chollima Supermarket and plunged into the bloody battlefield of Fuxing Supermarket. He is a man of great self-esteem, straightforward, confident and unrelenting. Although it is often said to look like a drunkard, it is actually a middle-aged man with a flower. Directed by the director Park Seung Rong of \”The Irrational Miss Young Ae\” and \”The Remaining Princess\”.