[Jin Zhishuo] The superstar [Liu Bai], who plays the role of an actor and singer, originally came from a four-member idol group, but he turned into an actor and succeeded. Although he has always maintained the style of a top star, he will not deliberately manage his image in order to please the public. He is always bold and generous, but he is narcissistic. He does not know what modesty is, and he does not care about the feelings of others. , It doesn\’t matter if others will be injured. [Jeon Soomin] As [Oh Gangsun] who runs a supermarket on the island, she lives on the deserted island of Yeobian Island, which starts from Wando in Jeollanam-do, and takes 10 hours to sail through 6 small islands. , It was a retro island stuck in the 1980s. [Lee Sang Yeop] plays [Cui Ma Shi]. He is the youngest captain signed with the highest annual salary. He has perseverance, courage and wit, and has unlimited affinity. Hollywood stars and wild animals will be conquered by his affinity, and he admires the heroine Wu Jiangshun with all his heart. The play tells the story of superstar Liu Bai who was exiled to a remote island because of a catastrophe and spent time with local villagers. It is also the history of healing and growth of the fishing village of a lonely star, and the romance of civilization conflict between him and the village girl on the mysterious island!