The famous ghost story \”Botan Doro\” is famous for the fantastic scene in which a ghost of a beautiful girl who died in love and makes a sound of Karan, Colon and geta, visits a dear man every night. Actually, this ghost story of \”Russia Shinsaburo\” is only a part of the feature storyteller by the first generation Sanyuutei Encho. The original story is based on his father, Hirazaemon, his loyal retainer, Kosuke, and a rare villain, Koku, who plans to take over the house, and a man (Maotoko), Genjiro, a greedy townsman couple, accompanied by Tozo. Peak… It\’s a muddy human drama in which the colors and desires of men and women vividly intersect, and it\’s a story of 20 years of magnificent enemy attacks and causal retribution. At the end, the masterpiece feature-length love-hate drama that makes you feel that humans are scarier than ghosts is fully visualized for the first time with a new perspective and direction! Introducing plenty of wire action, special makeup, and chambara. We will deliver the definitive edition of Japanese horror by the actors representing modern Japan.