Kim Baek-jin (Jim Joo Hyuk), the team leader, reporter and anchor of the follow-up report program \”Argon\”, is a perfectionist who allows no mistakes in anything. He believes that facts are the most important and he pursues honest reporting. However, The \”Argon\” news production team led by him has fallen from its former glory to the bottom. Contract reporter Li Yanhua (played by Chin Yeo Hwa) is only a contract worker for the TV station. With only a few months of contract expiration, she was \”distributed\” to the \”Argon\” team in a \”half abandoned\” manner. It happened that such a group of people who were all at the bottom of the valley suddenly had a big news in front of them. A shopping mall collapsed during the reconstruction of the second basement level, causing heavy casualties. The TV station where \”Argon\” was located was in the news. The breaking news has fallen behind other TV stations, so I decided to use in-depth interview shows to gain ratings. However, in this process, the person in charge of the reconstruction project was shaped irresponsibly by the fast-paced TV station \”Evening News\”. The keen Jinbaizhen discovered that it is not so simple. Perhaps the people named as \”sinners\” by the news are completely innocent or even great self-sacrificers. A news war is on the horizon.