KBS TV station\’s new drama on insurance crime theme. Co-starring Liu Zhitai, Liu Herong, and Yu Yuhuan, through multiple insurance fraud cases, truly reflect the rampant insurance crime phenomenon in Korea. Liu Zhitai will never let go of his stare in the play. Cui Jiangyu, an investigator known as a mad dog. After losing his family in a plane crash, he began to track down insurance fraudsters. Yu Chaohuan plays the role of the fraudster Jin Minjun who joined the Mad Dog group in order to reveal the truth about his brother\’s death. In order to repay Cui Jiangyu\’s kindness, Liu Herong, who played the role of a gymnast investigator Zhang Heli, joined the Mad Dog group. Jin Huixing plays an insurance company investigator who is proficient in computers. He is a talented and simple character. Hong Xiuxian plays an elite employee of an insurance company].