Analyze the \”legacy\” and \”legacy\” collected by the appraisers to determine the decisive evidence. Until the arrest of the prisoner. The protagonist of this TV series, Itemura Satoshi (Kamikawa Takaya), pursues criminals in a different way from the modern scientific search theory. He is based on the \”victims\” left behind by the victims. Toys that have been cherished especially since childhood, things that never leave the body…this is because the victim\’s love remains on the \”victim\”, and the most important thing is that it retains the victim\’s last message. The protagonist is not confined to the scene of the crime, but observes the victim\’s home and workplace, and listens to the victim\’s family to guess the victim\’s human nature. In the end, the unknown side of the victim surfaced, connecting the side of the prisoner that could not be found only by scientific search methods. \”Why was the victim killed?\” The village listened to the victim\’s last \”voice\” through various leftovers left by the victim. The fifth bullet of \”Legacy Search\” returns, and this season joins the new member Kajihara Yoshiro. In the two-hour special episode of the first episode, the members of the special room are trying to solve the case of the death of a female from the Cultural Heritage Bureau. Arriving at Ito Village at the scene of the murder, in order to collect the leftovers, without talking about rock climbing! The shooting location was a rock climbing resort in the mountains of Shiga Prefecture. Ryu Shangchuan will also challenge for the first time a rock climbing with a height of more than 20 meters.