A human love story that depicts a \”miracle\” in which the soul of a lover who died in a traffic accident resides in the body of another man. Story Nao Teshima (Kaori Takahashi), who works for the advertising department of a major record company, falls in love with director Hiroshi Tsutsumi (Hiroki Okada), who works for the same record company. The romance between the two was the original song “Blue Moon” by the mysterious pianist Xeno, which was produced by Hiroshi. Hiroshi, who had just promised to marry Nao on the day of Xeno\’s Christmas concert, which was hosted by an independently launched company, passed away in a car accident without revealing his identity. After that, a 20-year-old man named Ken Hayashida (Masataka Kubota) appeared in front of him. Ken was hospitalized in the hospital where Koshi was carried, and miraculously recovered from an unconscious state, but Ken\’s soul resided in Ken\’s body.