Naoki Matsuoka (Tetsuji Tamayama), who works in the economics department of a major Japanese newspaper company, Daiwa Shimbun, is told to move to the political department with a promise of one year. \”A safe was discovered in a landfill in Minato-ku, how did you feel about Chief Cabinet Secretary Kondo?\” Matsuoka, who disregarded the rules and threw a question at his first regular Secretary-General\’s meeting, caught the attention of Chief Cabinet Secretary Kondo. , Climbing to the top league. Meanwhile, Yuji Sakai, who used to be in the same period as Matsuoka, was following the truth of the safe found at the landfill as a weekly journalist. Meanwhile, a certain robbery case occurred. The victim was the one Sakai had just interviewed for the safe… Matsuoka and Sakai were walking on different roads as reporters. When the two people met again for the first time in 10 years, the biggest taboo of the official residence that shakes Nagata Town is exposed!