Hirose Suzuka recently decided to adapt the leading role in the film \”Cheer☆Dance: The True Story of Female High School Students Conquering the United States with Cheerleading Dance\”, which is adapted from the true story of the Fukui Prefectural Commercial High School Cheerleader Division winning the National Championships, in order to successfully star in the cheerleader in the movie. Member, Hirose Suzu has received special training for nearly half a year. Suzu Hirose’s new film is adapted from a real story that happened at Fukui Commercial High School in 2009. It depicts a group of female high school students starting from scratch and finally winning the overall championship in the performance department of the National Cheerleading Dance Competition. The plot basically follows the trajectory of the real story. The protagonist played by Se Suzu is innocent and innocent. He hopes to join the cheerleading team for the boys he has a crush on in the football club. After that, he accepts unexpected and severe training from the consultant female teacher, and eventually becomes the cheerleader center and wins the championship with his teammates. . In order to successfully appear as a cheerleader, Hirose Suzu has been conducting special cheerleading training since December last year. The longest training day has 6 hours spent in practice. Although he has no dancing experience, Hirose Suzu has excellent athletic nerves. In Fukui With the help of commercial high school cheerleader Chiyo Maeda, he quickly found the essentials. The 2009 winning members who were invited to direct were also full of praise for Hirose\’s performance. At the end of the filming, the crew is scheduled to go to the United States to shoot on location, and compete with the truly strongest team in the United States. In order to show the results of the special training, Hirose said that he hopes that he can look like a member of the real cheerleader training, and play at the same time. Never forget that cheerleading dance itself is a happy thing. \”Cheer☆Dance\” has been confirmed to be officially released in 2017 to meet with the audience. The director is Kawai Yuto. The producer Hirano Takashi said that Hirose Suzu\’s smile and dynamic sense are the most suitable for the role. I hope to see her in the film. The performance audience can be inspired.