In the Edo period, the Tempo period near the end of the Edo period. Poor Higamoto, Katsuie\’s wife, Onobu, struggles with money every day, but also keeps an innocent smile. I am not obsessed with my status, I am not separated by people, and I am courageous. My husband is Katsu Katsuko Kokichi. A natural gun. My arms are so strong that I can\’t say I hate them when asked. I believe that Kokichi loves him. Brightness and carefreeness, wisdom and wit will support Kokichi\’s troubles. And it is Rintaro Rintaro, his follow-up son, who keeps his parents calm. Intelligent and intelligent. After receiving philanthropy from his mother beyond his status, and receiving a heartfelt spirit from his father, he decided to save the people of Edo as Katsu Kaishu. Believers who spin their love while buzzing each other may be the ideal image of the family. We will make such a drama that you can laugh, cry, and remember your family and loved ones! [Broadcasting schedule] Start broadcasting on Friday, January 11, 2019! Every Friday [BS Premium] after 8:00-8:43 (8 consecutive times)