Become a hero of Oedo! — Steaming! Oedo, which is similar to and different from Edo, is said to have been on the blue star far away hundreds of years ago. The story of a young man, Yuta, who is only resistant to heat, who becomes a hero when he meets the genius inventor, Hiraga Gennai. In the Taiping world, Oedo was a lively town where various people lived. Yuta (Toshihisa Hagiwara), who is training at a blacksmith, is just a tradesman who wants to help people, but his arm is very weak. At a steam bath endurance tournament held one day, we meet the inventor of the town, Hiraga Gennai (Hexagonal sperm). Gennai gives Yuta the \”steam power armor\” that he invented, which increases the power of the wearer by several tens of times. Meanwhile, the devil\’s hand of the secret society Shimavalan, led by Shiro Amakusa (Yoshihiko Hakada), was sneaking up in the town of Oedo! Yuta is wearing steam-powered armor, becomes steampunk, and confronts Shimavalan! How about the fate of Oedo! !!