The play is a brand new black comedy. The Sky City is a castle inhabited by the top 0.1% of South Korea’s top 0.1%. The princess, will also start various desire struggles here. Lien Jingya will play Han Seo-jin in the film, and she will do both the education issues of her two daughters and her husband’s wise domestic help work in an orderly manner. She is also a high-profile queen in the Sky City, but Seo-jin has always been hidden. An unknown secret; Li Tae-lan will play Li Xiuren, a caring and emotional fairy tale writer. Under the guidance of Ruizhen, he became the public enemy of the Queens of the Sky City, but thanks to the help of his clever son, once Became the new queen, and even after that, she saw Ruizhen’s secret; Yin Shiya will play Lu Seung-hye, who returned to be a housewife after finishing her Ph. Desires and bombs came out; Wu Nara will play the enthusiastic and cute shopaholic Chen Zhenxi, because her father is sitting on the building and has been a golden leaf since childhood, she regards Han Ruizhen as a model and is busy learning her gestures.