Adapted from the comic of the same name in the INKA Empire. Telling the mysterious \”RAP virus\” spreading in the world, just like being bitten by a zombie, it will turn into a zombie. People infected with this virus will become rappers, comedy horror stories that bring new feelings. In the Japanese drama version, the protagonist Miki Inaho (Oshiba Fuuka) lives in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. She is an ordinary 23-year-old girl. Her boyfriend Takuma Yamanouchi (Kanta Sato) is very addicted to HIP POP and plays all the time. The rhyme made her a little troubled. At this time, an unexplained \”RAP virus\” became popular. In order to survive in the doomsday world full of rapper zombies, Miki had to explore the essence of RAP she hated and save Tama.