Those individual detectives are back! “Season3” is more shining with the individuality of the members! April 2018-“Tokusou 9”, which started a new history with starring Yoshihiko Inohara, gained high support from viewers and average viewer rating of 14.0% I recorded it. In \”season2,\” which was sent in the April term of the following year, \”Tokusou 9 Special,\” which aired just before the first regular broadcast, had a high audience rating of 13.0%. In the first episode, we obtained 15.2% and achieved a good performance of 13.0% on average for all 11 episodes, establishing the position of a popular series (* viewership rate is all researched by Video Research. Kanto area). And finally this spring, \”season3\” will start! In Tokusou 9 season3, the members of the Tokusou group who are trying to solve the case while colliding with each other because they are too strong in their individuality will sprint even further into the truth of the case! By developing a story that maximizes each person\’s individuality = potential, we will draw out the fun of the \”multi-eye investigation\” unique to \”Tokuso 9\” more than ever before. By the way, 2020 is the Olympic and Paralympic Year. Like an athlete who believes in his potential and makes an effort to challenge the big stage, the detectives of the special investigation team will sprint to the new stage with all their might!