In Tokyo Pegasus Study Kichijoji branch, Riko Nishioka (played by Inamori Izumi), the deputy store manager, has excellent commanding skills. For many years, the shop assistants have relied on her so much that all matters big and small are decided by Lizi. Unknowingly, the shop assistants have become accustomed to this step-by-step work that does not need to show individuality, until the arrival of a new shop assistant one day changes the atmosphere of the Kichijoji branch. The name of the visitor is Kitamura Aki (played by Mayu Watanabe), a rich second generation who has no worries about eating. She has an incomparable love for books, coupled with the identity and character of the eldest lady, so she can\’t help but bring many of her own ideas to work, and thus collide with Riko. After a series of events, they seem to be able to understand each other\’s true meaning, but the life and battle of the bookstore girl has just begun… This film is adapted from the original work of Kei Heino. © Douban