Igarashi Nana (Fukada Kyoko) is a lively aerobic diving instructor, and her husband Daqi (Matsuyama Kenichi) works in a toy factory. He is generous and kind, but a little unreliable as a husband. The couple live in a small apartment and save money to buy a house. Daqi\’s mother hopes to hug her grandson as soon as possible, but Nana and Daqi enjoy the two-person world very much. Later, taking the opportunity of purchasing residential collectively designed residential quarters, the couple started a \”personal creation plan\”, but failed. Only then did they realize whether giving birth is an easy task, so Nana and Daqi started a difficult pregnancy activity. In addition to the difficulties of pregnancy, Igarashi also has \”couples who want children\”, \”divorced men and wives who don\’t want children\”, \”gay couples\”, and \”housewives who pursue ideal families and squatting at home.\” \”Husband\” and other families have a hard-to-read book in every family.