The play is adapted from the novel of the same name by South Korean writer Kim Iran. In order to protect his first love shit [Kong Seung Yeon], the king of North Korea, Lee Soo [Xu Zhiyan], found North Korea’s most powerful matchmaker, the flower party trio: [Boss Ma Hoon [Jim Min Jae] and members Ko Young Soo [Park Ji Hun] and Do Joon [Bun Woo Seok]], let them turn North Korea\’s worst woman into the most noble woman, and Hua Dang risked his death to commit a North Korean matchmaker fraud. First of all, the male number one is the best male matchmaker in North Korea with a boasting 99% marriage rate and the popular Hanyang male [Ma Hoon], starred by the actor [Kim Min Jae]. Regardless of whether the customer is male or female, old or young, high or low in status, [the boss of the \”flower party\”] can help with all matters such as love, marriage, divorce and remarriage. With his beautiful appearance and excellent language control ability, his insight into people\’s heart like a guillotine, more keen observation and persistent investigation to find the best target. [Kong Seung-yeon] Plays a pungent girl who is more like a man than a man [shit]. In order to survive at the bottom of the fiercely competitive market, they gave up on female attire and dressed up as a man. They could do anything with money, chopping wood, transporting rice, slaughtering live fish, and even persuading them to fight. [Seo Ji-Yuan] will play the role of the innocent king of North Korea [Li Xiu] who is desperate for his first love. Having been an ordinary blacksmith for 23 years, he became a king overnight, regardless of his will. Different from the free life, his every move is monitored by ministers and court ladies. He recites the court laws that do not know what it means. The most unbearable is the endless offensive of the palace women, because he has a first love to guard. \”Shit\”. \”Flower Party\” image consultant [Gao Young-soo] is played by [Park Ji-hun]. He is a hot celebrity in Hanyang. He has outstanding fashion taste and profound modeling knowledge, and can turn any \”unfavorable\” image into \” Favorable\”. [Bian Woo Suk] plays the role of an intelligence master [Do Jun], with perfect appearance, character, mind and knowledge, but unfortunately the family has fallen in the middle of his family and his career, it just happened that Ma Xun liked his boundless intelligence ability, which prompted him to join the flower The party became active as an intelligence agent of the Flower Party. [Gao Yuanxi] As the noble lady of the two classes, she is a \”new woman\” who is open and bold to pioneer.