AN communication. Although it appears to be an Asian news broadcasting company, behind it is a spy organization that is secretly manipulating the country. His talent agency Kazuhiko Takano (played by Fujiwara Tatsuya) and newcomer Ryoichi Taoka (played by Ryoma Takeuchi) sneak into the construction site of the International City Expo that will be held in Tokyo three years later. However, the construction site exploded in front of Takano\’s eyes. According to the order of Takeshi Kazama (Hiroshi Sato), the boss of AN Communications, Takano and Tianoka began to formally investigate the mastermind of the explosion. Akechi Goro is a private investigator who opened an office in the high-end Omotesando area. He is also a gourmet and he is very particular about things. One day, a woman commissioned Wise to investigate whether her husband had an affair. Unexpectedly, this mundane investigation had an unexpected turn! The strange detective story related to \”eating\” kicks off the curtain.