Sho Taro Mamiya × Daichi Watanabe W starring in \”The King of Laughter\”, adapted from the manga of the same name by Masanori Morita, based on Mancai. The story tells the story of the protagonist Keiyou Kamimiya (Shotaro Mamiya)’s goal is to become the king of hilarious academy. No matter when and where, as long as you find the subject matter, try to be as funny as possible to make people around you very happy. However, one day he was because of a trivial matter. Annoying Yumu, the school\’s most popular with girls, the young gangsters in the other united school threatened the students not to laugh because of the funnyness of the first wife, making the first wife doubt her ability to make funny. Later, my wife met Tsujimoto Jun (Watanabe Daichi) who had transferred from Kansai to school. The other party was a former comedian who dismissed because of disagreement with his partner and went to Beijing alone. After the two met, they formed a comedy group. On the way to chasing their dreams, they went through the process of joining special training institutes and competitions, which brought out the ecology of the Japanese comedy industry, as well as the efforts and competition behind the comedy artists.