The TV series produced by Fujidai, directed by Hiroshi Kanai, Yusuke Ishii, Hideyuki Aizawa, written by Kurosawa Hisako, and starring Ryoko Sato (played by Ryoko Shinohara) living an ordinary life with her husband and son in kindergarten. Tomoko dropped out of high school because of the disappearance of his parents. After coming and going in many places, she made up her mind not to be like her parents, but to live a life seriously. Later, she met her husband in the place where she worked, and completed the major events in life. However, the husband of a migrant worker family kept passing through the cycle of changing jobs, and in the end it was Tomoko\’s meager salary to support his family. But Tomoko was fired because of conflict in the workplace. When she learned that the city councillors had a high election rate and a considerable annual salary, she decided to stand for election.