Yuko Futeki will play the role of Sakurako, the daughter of a large restaurant, in the starring Fuji TV\’s new daytime drama \”In the Heart\”. This play is produced by Tokai Television and the screenwriter is Takehiro Nakajima, who has works such as \”Madame Pearl\”. Taking Hida Takayama (Note: It is located in Takayama City in the Hida area of ​​Gifu Prefecture, and many places of interest) as the stage, Sakurako and Hidenori Tokuyama\’s love between the Tibetan people from Hiro is the main axis, and a picture of the surrounding (story) Involved in love and hate drama. Sudo Atsuko will also play the role of Sakurako\’s friend Sa Kurimoto, so stay tuned. The theme song is the powerful narrative \”Spring Snow\” composed by Hideaki Tokunaga. Starring: Futeki Yuko (playing Zongxing Sakurako) Lin Dandan (Kushiyama さくら) will appear in about mid-February Atsuko Sudou, regular appearance (Sayaka Kurimoto) [Time] January 5, 2011 (Wednesday) 13:30 [Broadcast Out] Fuji TV