Heiqing (Kamenashi Kazuya) is an extremely talented modern dancer. However, after reaching the peak of his career, his life has declined. After that, Ping Qing decided to regroup and returned to Tokyo from Germany. However, what awaits him here is not a faint flower, but a cruel reality. In order to make a living, Ping Qing ran around, and the unsuccessful life also brought his dancing career into a bottleneck. By chance, Pingqing met a woman named Yui Nishihara (played by Kyoko Fukada). Nishihara was a high school chemistry teacher. As she grew older, her old mother began to worry about her life-long events, but Nishihara had no plans to get married. At the same time, she and her colleague Takayanagi Taro (played by Ikase Katsuhisa) Has maintained a physical relationship. The appearance of Pingqing has brought about earth-shaking changes in Nishihara\’s life. Can this pair of lovers with completely different personalities and identities finally get together? © Douban