The play is about the detective doctor who appears when \”death is not a natural phenomenon but a man-made element, not an after-treatment but pre-prevention\”. It will reveal the truth about industrial disasters, man-made environmental disasters, and occupational diseases that have infinite effects regardless of the reason and the target. Park Zhenxi will play Do Jong-eun in the play. She is a specialist in occupational environmental medicine. She doesn\’t laugh except when she is with her daughter. Although she is only 38 years old, she always has experience like 70 or 80. The expression of a complete life. She is a talented professional environmental medicine specialist with amazing concentration, but her talents are not all born. Bong Tae-kui plays the role of Doctor Xu Min-ki, a \”Dajiang Man\” in the drama. He is a man who wears a famous brand from head to toe and runs a yellow convertible. Because of the cruel and suspicious death of his father 16 years ago, he has always dreamed of revenge.