That Hitoshi Tadano revives radically! A window manager who does not open in the daytime, but an invincible superhero at night…. The drama \”Katsunori Takahashi\”, a drama starring Katsunori Takahashi that started in 2003, became a popular series in a blink of an eye, gaining popularity with a story of moral punishment, absurd ideas, painful actions, and sexy sex appeal. After that, while sharply cutting the ever-changing trends of the world, through special dramas and theatrical versions, it was produced until Season 4. In 2012, the title was called \”Final\”, and the curtain came to an end, but in 2017, in addition to the starring Katsunori Takahashi, a new cast will be added and it will be revived for the first time in about 5 years on AbemaTV. Regulation, self-restraint, compliance, online society… A modern society bound by an invisible chain where even one mistake is unacceptable. Everyone feels suffocating, but is a modern person like a slave who cannot escape from it. The last outlaw hero of the era without heroes, Hitoshi Tadano, will tear the chains that bind us together!