Mimiko ran the bakery \”Mimi\” as the store manager. Although she felt fulfilled to work in the bakery, the part-time job she recruited soon resigned due to the hard work and daily routine. Mimiko was faced with a shortage of staff every day. At this moment, a young man Bei Xun came to apply for a part-time job. Why did he come to Mimi to apply for a part-time job? It feels like there are some secrets hidden. Kitakun sometimes helped Mimiko \”hold the heavy ceiling\” and \”organize the shelf\”, silently helping the caring and hardworking but daredevil and dazed Mimiko, the distance between the two gradually widened near. At this moment, Kashiwagi, a bakery producer, suddenly appeared with flowers, and he launched a fierce pursuit of Mimiko. This love thread will be intricately connected with the operation of the bakery.