This drama is adapted from the novel series described by Tetsuya Yoda based on the activity of Reiko Himekawa in the investigation of a crime by the Metropolitan Police Department as the original work. The TV series \”Strawberry Night\” starring Yuko Takeuchi (38) was broadcast in 2012. On the basis of the previous work, the cast and production lineup were completely renewed, and the original novel was reconstructed based on the chapters that were not visualized. For the first time in the series, Fumi played the role of Reiko Jikawa, the head of the 10th Department of Murder Search Department of the Metropolitan Police Department, as the only female squad leader in the search department, using keen intuition and action as a weapon, every time Lead the \”Jikawa squad\” to approach the truth of various difficult cases. Kamenashi plays an older subordinate than Himegawa in the play. The inspection director, Kazuo Kikuta, has a serious and taciturn personality. He hates to be ambiguous, and has a passionate masculinity hidden deep in his heart. At the beginning, Chuanban still had a skeptical attitude towards Ji Chuan, but as the investigation of a case deepened, he found that he had developed a special affection for Ji Chuan. In addition, Yosuke Eguchi (51) plays Himekawa’s natural enemy, the head of the fifth department of murder and search of the Metropolitan Police Department, Kensaku Katsuma, who is known as the \”steel\” criminal policeman, is proud of his overwhelming exposure rate. With 8 years of public security experience, he is recognized as a seasoned criminal policeman. He is good at collecting various information, and he will also attract all kinds of doubts because of breaking the conventional search methods.