21-year-old Shotaro Furubayashi (Shouyuki Hayama) comes to the clinic under the help of a talented surgeon, Yasuo Shirakawa (Kippei Shiina). Shotaro was diagnosed with anal cancer and was discharged from the operation, but metastases were found a few months later. As the cancer progressed and worsened, she suffered from intolerable pain and her chances of recovery disappeared. Aunt Akiko (Maki Sakai), who was accompanied by the situation, was also mentally forced to plead Shirakawa for euthanasia. Shirakawa refuses and refuses to do so, but he works closely with Shotaro and treats him hard, but he loses control. Finally, after suffering, euthanasia is performed. However, Shirakawa is accused of being a mother and journalist Yasuyo (Suzuki Suzuki) who learned of Shotaro\’s death. While Shirakawa\’s actions are being murdered or negligently killed every day, the enactment of the euthanasia bill, which had already been discussed, takes on reality. Yasuyo tries to stop the euthanasia bill by using the organization behind the medical reform in Japan and doctors and media outlets behind it. Shirakawa is eventually swallowed by the torrent.