The stage of this work is the bed town of a certain local city in Kanto. High school students Ryuji Kazama (Daiho Iwasaki), Satoru Sena (Ryuga Sato), Michishi Shibayama (Yuto Nasu), Atsushi Kasuga (Akitaka Ukisho), Akihiko Yamada (Naoki Fujii), Kazuhiko Yamada (Kin) The story starts when Shishi Ise et al. meets a soldier, Mihira Sanpei, who has slipped from Omiyajima (now Guam) just before the end of the war. Modern Japan and young people <> seen from humans during the war 《Sanpei》 In what kind of world do you see? A modern person who intends to enjoy freedom. But who really has \”freedom\”? We ask the world what high happiness and true freedom are, through high school students who have their own circumstances and a single soldier who acts with them.