Tell the stories of people living in Waikiki, Itaewon Guesthouse, Seoul. Kim Jong-hyun plays Kang Dong-jiu, who dreams of becoming a film director. He is the CEO and freelance artist of Waikiki. He dreams of becoming the second Bong Joon-ho, but in real life he depends on making money-making videos to make a living. Li Yigeng plays Dongjiu\’s college senior Cheon Joon Ki. Because his father is an actor, he dreams of becoming an actor, but he has no talent for acting. He is a livelihood actor who can take on all kinds of plays if he can make money. Sun Seung-won plays Dongjiu’s college classmate Feng Doo-sik. He is the co-CEO and freelance writer of Waikiki, but he is half unemployed. Jung In-seon plays Yoona, a single mother of unknown origin, Ko Won-hee plays Dong Jiu (played by Kim Jong-hyun)\’s younger sister, and Lee Joo-woo plays Suya, who doesn\’t know the world.