The manga \”Hana ni Kedamono\” serialized on Sho-Comi from 2010 to 2012 is masculine in appearance and remarks, but with \”Kedamono men\” who show a cute one side in front of their favorite people. A youth love story that depicts love. In the live-action drama, Yuri Nakamura, a hero who is innocently loved and too much loved, \”Love and Adventure of Nishino Yukiko\”, is a super expressive Takashi who plays Playboy\’s leopard Harukasuke Sugino and Kumi\’s cool shadow. Taiyo Matsuo, Shoshin Kai with a sincere and kind Ryusei, Anna Anna Iriyama (AKB48) plays a canna that gradually opens his heart to Kumi while holding a secret. Kentaro Otani of \”NANA\” and Ryo Miyawaki known for the drama \”The Best Divorce\” picked up a megaphone. Sugiyama commented, \”I\’m confused as to what kind of reaction I should take after I\’m happy,\” following the drama this time. In addition, about the cast starring Nakamura and others, he said, \”I\’ve heard about the names of all the cast members! This drama was produced jointly by dTV, a video distribution service operated by NTT Docomo, and FOD, a video distribution service by Fuji TV. Delivery is scheduled for this fall.