It was discovered that actress Miki Nakatani will star in \”Continuous Drama W Keigo Higashino \”Katarei\”\”, which is a drama adaptation of Keigo Higashino\’s novel on \”gender.\” This is the first time for WOWOW to appear in the \”Serial Drama W\” frame, and she is challenging the difficult role of Mizuki Hiura, a woman with gender identity disorder. In the summer of 2017, friends from the American football club, who were sweating during college, held a reunion. On the way home, former female manager Mizuki, who appeared in front of a member of Ace QB (quarterback) Tetsuro Nishiwaki, said, \”I killed a person.\” \”Now I am living as a man.\” Confess the shock. Tetsuro and his friends are confused by Mizuki\’s words, but he pursues the truth of the incident in order to protect his friends during his brilliant youth. “I\’m gonna play Keigo Higashino\’s work for the first time, but rather than raising my hands, I\’m rather upset because I carry a difficult role,” says Nakatani. Although he explained that \”a performer has a very high hurdle,\” he seems to be enthusiastic about performing strength training to create a role and cutting hair by 15 cm. “First of all, I would like to express the sadness that Mizuki\’s dialogue says, “No matter how much you go, it cannot be the real thing,” while pursuing masculinity. This is the sixth time that WOWOW has visualized Tono\’s work, following \”Fate,\” \”Genya,\” \”Birth,\” \”Transformation,\” \”Who is the cuckoo egg.\” Mr. Higashino commented on the drama of \”Unrequited thought\” \”I was surprised that people who challenged this novel finally appeared. A problem that society has not yet been able to find an answer. I have high expectations. In addition, \”I feel the strength of my soul as an actor just because I took on this role,\” and I am delighted with Nakatani\’s appearance \”If I play freely and boldly, I think it\’s Mizuki.\” Commented. \”Serial drama W Keigo Higashino \”Katarei\”\” will be aired in 6 episodes on WOWOW from this fall. Free broadcast only for episode 1.