The play is a search action movie about the fate and love of people fighting alone in order to change the established future. In the play, the powerful class ace detective and the female detective who can sketch the future within three days are hunting down rare murderers. Rain plays the role of the ace detective Kang Dong-soo of the Central Police Department in the play. He is also a well-known figure among police cadres by resolving cases with excellent intuition and execution ability, and by breaking conventions and fearless investigative methods. One day, the lover who had made a marriage contract died suspiciously, and was involved in the case in search of the truth. Li Dongjian plays the role of the sergeant Jin Daozhen of the special department headquarters in the play. Natural physical fitness and systematic training are all special soldiers from the bottom of their hearts, but the pregnant wife was killed, and he planned revenge for this. In the process, he formed an opposition with Jiang Dongxiu. Li Xianbin plays the female detective who can sketch the future in three days. Jeong Jinyong plays Jang Taejun, who is unwavering and calm under any circumstances.