The play is a fantasy TV series that tells the real life and success stories of today\’s women who have not chosen to become wives or mothers. It will describe the fierce competition in the portal industry. Lin Xiujing plays the role of Pei Duomei. She is an office worker in the second half of the 30th generation working on a portal website. She is very competitive. In order to succeed, she has lost a lot of things and gradually doubted her life. Jang Jilong will play Park Mogeon in the play. He is the representative of the \”Dense Forest Sound\” company that produces game music and a talented composer. Lee Dah-hee plays Cha Hyun, who is the head of the public relations department of the portal website that has remained at the second largest in the industry. Jeon Hye Jin plays Song Jiajing, who is the director of the portal where the heroine Bae Duomi works.