Can this be called a criminal drama? When I woke up, there was a female detective\’s body next to me. A handgun in my hand. For some reason my memory was gone for a few months. Did I kill this guy… Or was it taken by someone…? The suspects are \”myself\” and my \”everyone who sees\”. A colleague detective chasing me. A former friend becomes an enemy overnight. Aibo is the only young boy who is the only son of a dead female detective. Eventually, the case will lead to the truth of the unsolved \”billion yen robbery case\”…. Did you kill the female detective…? What robbed the billion yen? Suspicion accelerates and betrayal doesn\’t stop. The ultimate unstoppable mystery opens here! A non-standard criminal drama that overturns expectations, where one detective rebels into a hellish rebellion! !! Once you see this story, once you see it, the \”terrible things\” will not stop.